The Iceblade Sorceror #05 — Talking Continues to Be a Free Action

February 2nd, 2023


Why must you suck so much, Thursdays?


Like Tomo, I think any feelings of good will I had from laughing at episode 2 have completely run their course at this point and all that's left is a very, very, very poorly animated and even worse written generic light novel drek. Well, would have been generic five years ago, before reincarnation cheat powers in RPGs proceeded to cannibalize everything. The fight against budget Ryuk was godawful, maybe four attacks across nearly five minutes of standing around technobabbling. What a fight.

Then we spend about ten minutes in the obligatory angsty backstory, a particularly stupid affair. I was a child soldier for years, happily slaughtering hundreds of enemies, but then, for the first time ever, someone I knew died and THAT is the nightmare that haunts me to this day. Then they hold hands and tell him he's the bestest boy anyway. How is it five episodes in and none of these characters has done goddamned anything whatsoever? At least when they were practically touching themselves over isopods, they had some kind of claim to distinctiveness. I'd frankly rather have seen the club of beefcakes show up, both to save the day while the rest of the idiots sat on the ground in timeout, and be the ones in the hospital bed making him chicken soup and flexing to keep his spirits up.


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