Northern War #06 — War is Hellishly Boring

February 10th, 2023


Oh no. Not… dude who I still don't know his name.


Yawn. This show is dull as paint drying when there aren't any anarchist clowns or other random nonsense to spice things up. This was apparently a serious episode, which meant that it was entirely people sitting in a circle expositing at each other. The 'fight' was as horribly animated as ever and largely consisted of two of the cameos bumping into each other. The exposition wasn't even interesting either. Just them telling each other that bad things happen in war and that the empire is evil. Even the empire people were explaining how evil the empire is and how they're going to be war criming it up just for funsies.

At best, you might be able to argue that this was meant to be the leader dude's backstory episode. He talked probably the most and had a brief flashback to another time that the empire did an evil thing. Even that was barely a minute or two though and certainly did not in any way lead in to abruptly screaming that his life was a failure and all hope rested on the rest of the party. I don't even know why they didn't just keep hiding, nor why these supposedly highly trained expert spy child soldiers immediately forgot all orders and chased him when he jumped out and yelled "Hey, chase me!" Didn't even nobly sacrifice himself. Just ran for about 10 seconds and then gave up. His giving up speech lasted longer than the distraction. That's closer to the kind of godawful writing that I could sometimes find amusement in, but nowhere near good enough.


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