Northern War #05 — Epiphany of the Bourgeoisie

February 3rd, 2023


No, but really. Why is there a giant sewer in the middle of the desert?


At least this is still earning its marks as a comedy. Unintentionally, to be sure, but there's no other way to describe that one random noble's deal. He's on screen for maybe two minutes as the generic spoiled rich ass, then sees a dirty child and instantly has an epiphany that the nobility is supported by the proletariat, therefore he must create a world where there is no nobility. And everybody applauded. That is literally the scene and the entire B plot of the episode. Tell me that's not hilarious.

The A-side of the episode was presumably pure fanservice for fans of the game, which as I've mentioned, I'm not. Yeah, I picked up right away that the dude from the OP is the protagonist from them, but that doesn't mean they were going to spend any effort animating any fights through this literally random dungeon she fell into… in the middle of nowhere. All you get is dramatic stills and then monsters disappearing into sparklies. Nor did the script get any better. "I'm here because I was ordered to slay that monster." –two minutes later– "What!? You're going to slay that monster!? BUT WHY!?" And now, because it's a thing in the game that we need to shoehorn in, fishing.


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