Nier Automata v1.1a #05 — Scavenging Giant Tables

February 25th, 2023


They went for the tighty whities before pants?


Oh, so now we're capable of nuance and not violently killing every robot that says "Please don't kill me," huh? Maybe this episode means more to fans of the game, but I found it extremely dull. The magical tree that has Yoko Taro's Emil's head embedded in it that gives screenshots of the original Nier certainly leans towards half-assed fanservice, but the episode otherwise was not stretching the animation budget in the slightest. The most animated thing was B sliding down a ladder, and there were an especially large number of montages of stills.

Anyway, they're sent to a village of pacifist robots and… go to a village of pacifist robots. They're not particularly suspicious of them.There aren't any conflicts or rough edges in their interactions. The fetish droids have already let go of their racist murderlust. It's just… a village of heavily synthesized bots. Which will either be forgotten or 'tragically' razed, as all such villages are, but especially the ones that have entire montages set to a music box showing how idyllic they are. But it didn't happen this week, leaving just… hey, here's a village of robots.

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  • residentgrigo says:

    Emil´s role in Automata is 100% different in the game as he is a comedy character who sells stuff and provides lore about the alien war + a hidden boss and has nothing to do with Pascal. The tree he is fused with is from Nier 1 so this divergence is going somewhere.

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