Mega Moose #24 — Panic at the Disco

February 5th, 2023


Oh, right. This show.


Back after finishing its season long arc for another 5 episodes for god only knows what reason. And apparently beginning a new one in Shadowrun-world having finished its stint in Mad Max-world. Visiting all the dystopias. At least I guess it was another pretty bonkers episode. They roll into town, meet their analogues, are introduced to the android clone of their dead alien baby-mama and grandfather directly hooked into the mainframe, which given the writing of this show, I feel the need to stress are two separate people, but it certainly would've made things more amusing if they weren't.

Then they all go to a disco… yes, a disco… where they're attacked by a random bunch of knife wielding maniacs, which is the impetus for revealing the hero-analog's tragic fireman backstory… somehow. We cap this all off by kidnapping the clone android to strip her, dress her in her old clothes, and show her pictures of her baby. Okay, not the creepiest direction it could have gone in, but was certainly in the top 5% for weirdest. And of course Arshem was immediately chained up and taunted for her stupidity. I honestly don't know what she expected. Your decision was among the stupidest I have seen in all anime, and that's no mean feat.

Yeah, this was the core Megaton Musashi experience.

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