Malevolent Spirits #08 — Spinny Kicky

February 27th, 2023


I'm tired of the weekly recitation of this dude's backstory.


Felt a lot like High Card's episode, but in reverse. We start off with the passable but unimpressive fight and then go into the maudlin recap of the protagonist's personal trauma. For both, we're getting towards the end of the season, and haven't even started at any kind of ending arc while the overarching story is not quite dangling like a Sword of Damocles over the show, but is somewhere in Fiji wondering if it needs to bother phoning in. They've hardly even introduced the pink girl, who might I add does feature in the opening, and I can't imagine that they're just going to stumble upon the big bad umbrella in a week or two. I know this at least is a never ending Jump affair, but it doesn't strike me as destined for a continuation. Then again, worse things have, so maybe that's already set.

Anyway… he has to fight that one murderous pestle woman from a month ago, but there's not much threat there, nor does he struggle with any qualms about whether or not to kill her. It probably should have brought up at least some questions about the ones he did just guiltlessly kill, and that the spirits Team Good Guy are approving of are apparently being shuffled straight off to be slave soldiers, but we're just ignoring that. Revealing that Pinky is a family friend before she started flexing also removed any tension around her. The second half was more just dull; recap of the pestle's deal, and Hyouma explaining his tragic backstory for like the fifth time. It more highlighted the deep incuriosity of Botan, barely animate plot device, than anything else.

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