Malevolent Spirits #07 — The Meet and Greets Continue

February 20th, 2023


We going to ever be doing anything with all these factions?


This was another this-meeting-could-have-been-an-email episodes. Well, more the first half than the second, which did at least briefly remember that this is supposed to be an action show and started a fight, but this was not one of the episodes that got even the half-assed budget, and even then, it quickly devolved into fighting literally faceless literally puppet mooks. Literally. They thought about trying at least, I guess. More than could be said for, say, Magical Revolution. But from the next episode promo, we're not getting some big blowout fight from it either despite this being the third episode in a row of meetings.

It wasn't even an intelligent meeting. This is the human-side antagonist faction, except they also use tsukumogami, but as mindwiped slaves, and their big plan is to tell Hyouma to assassinate Botan or they'll beat him up and that'll somehow force him to do it. They also have zero idea that this supposedly infamous monster killer who's been running around town, killing monsters, and has a history of working with the grand poobah to kill monsters, is capable of fighting. Seems like you probably should've prepared for this meeting a little better, guys.  

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