Malevolent Spirits #06 — Twenty More Minutes of Exposition

February 13th, 2023


Pacing. What is it?

I'm aware of the Harley Quinn Valentine's special tomorrow, but A.) It may be a bit… excessive, and B.) I have a dentist cleaning at 8am tomorrow morning, so ain't nothing happening too early. 


What an absolutely pointless and horrible episode. After last week's explanation that Botan is the star child, here's a second episode explaining that she's the star child. She has some flavor of power that people want that hasn't awakened. That's it. That's her entire deal that we've spent the last forty goddamned minutes of this show having people explain, re-explain, and re-re-re-explain. I get it. I got it a week ago and it was unneeded even then.

But she tries her best, despite all the trauma it's caused her. Please ignore how we're introduced to her as if she's totally fine, and she has a bunch of friends and acts like a normal girl while we explain that actually she was sad and overcame her angst before at some time in the past. No, she's not going to to do that or develop as a character on screen. It's in the past. Which we're explaining now. Boy, she sure did grow… at some point, off-screen, from something that two minutes ago, was completely different.

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