Malevolent Spirits #05 — Enhanced Interrogation

February 6th, 2023


Long conversations repeating themselves.


Like High Card, this episode was mainly focused on introducing some side factions that will be the League of Evil Mutants to the X-Men. Botan being some kind of magical prophesized star child is just another in the rote cliches of this show, but at least they didn't focus a ton on it. Hyouma did himself no favors in that conversation though. Oh, this must be weird nonsense trickery that makes no sense on purpose to confuse me. I guess at least he changed his mind on that instead of just ignoring it, but it was certainly his stupidest moment in the show so far when he's generally been at least slightly more clever and with it than your average anime dumbass protagonist.

The first half was far more dull. Old people getting drunk and also discussing how Botan is the magical prophesized star child. You'd think that at some point they'd actually focus on this magical prophesized star child and give her some kind of personality, or at the very least, any kind of agency or even interest in the things going on around her, but she doesn't even show up at all in the episode. She might as well be a Dragon Ball or particularly expensive Beanie Baby for how much of a macguffin she is over any sort of character. 

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