Magical Revolution #08 — The Importance of Planning a Coup

February 22nd, 2023


"I declare a coup!" is not a good plan.


At least a sucking chest wound is something that somewhat livens things up, even if it's obvious that it's not going to stick. Despite that, the pacing, and especially the writing, hasn't improved one whit. The grand plan to overthrow the kingdom was to have a couple dudes yell "Hey, look over here! The princess is betraying us all!" Meanwhile, the failprince's plan is to turn himself into a vampire by smashing a vampire's heart against himself, which is apparently how it works. And why? Because he needs ULTIMATE POWER in order to fix the kingdom's class issues. The class issues here being that commoners are uppity, which they can't seem to decide which side he's on. But I'm pretty sure when you're attempting to murder friends and family, and it doesn't count because they're not people to you, and in all cases side with the entrenched nobility, you're not on the side of the working class.

But that's just the writing. Which we unfortunately have to focus on because the entire goddamned last two thirds of the episode are just people standing ten feet apart, yelling their evil plans at each other, or nonsensical platitudes about how magic is the hopes for the future. Girl, four episodes ago, magic was meth. Seven episodes ago, magic was a fun way to kill packs of wolves. Hopes for the future, my butt. About halway through the episode, the two idiots are standing ten feet apart, staring each other down, and by the time the episode ends, we've moved all the way to them… still standing ten feet apart, still staring each other down, neither having taken a single step. Namek exploded with more urgency than this.   


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One Lonely Comment

  • NeclordX says:

    Vampire girl: spitting blood with a hole in the chest
    Princess: Its just a flesh wound
    Euphie: Errrr

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