Magical Revolution #07 — Standing in a Circle, Fellating Ourselves

February 15th, 2023


Pacing! What is it!?

Yes, I did watch Harley Quinn's Valentine's special. It was fine, but did have… a lot… of naked Bane humping buildings into submission.


Another truly godawful episode, bad enough to make me want to just ramble aimlessly about how the VN industry has collapsed and been devoured by gacha as part of a look at Giga's horrendously bad two swan songs. Seriously. They both look and play hideously. The one obviously made from the obvious scraps of SH-Chara's final game, I can understand, but they'd been making new Jinkis for years for reasons I can't fathom, and at the end of the road is… some horrible looking RTS that falls short in graphics and gameplay not just to Galaxy Angel, but to some 15 year old doujin games.

Anyway, this was another tedious episode of people standing in rooms, explaining to each other how flawless they are. The first half of the episode on the new girl. She's a vampire and they activated her vampire powers. That's it. Everybody tells her she's actually great. She internally narrates how they're actually great. The rest is vampire fanfiction. At this point, it drops that entirely, having never established any point to it, or her character, or anything, and instead goes to do a Connecticut Yankee thing where they give a presentation on how they want to build a fighter jet, but it's verboten. I guess at least this stupid presentation didn't end with her declaring that she'd stand on her own by begging daddy for money, so it maybe has that over Witch From Mercury, but that's as far as I'm willing to go for praise for it.

We'll see how I feel probably next Tuesday when it comes time to start thinking about and writing up something else, but I'm quite sick of this show's lack of story, animation, character development… everything… at this point. 


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