Magical Revolution #06 — The Slave Harem Continues

February 8th, 2023


Own slaves. Harass family and peasants. Just don't be so dreadfully boring about it.


Another episode spent having people stand around and explain how the titular characters are the best most flawless ever. This time, we're back to doing it about Euphie, who barely even bothers to show up in the episode. Really cementing her role as having zero personality, presence, or purpose, aren't we? Supposedly, it's all centered on the girl who broke up her marriage and how there's something suspicious about her, totally not like she's going to turn out to be some flavor of vampire or succubus or whatever though. When I was browsing through things to do the preview, I expected the second arc would be wrapping up by this point, not just getting started.

Mostly, it was just people standing around in rooms explaining side character traits for the new arc. There's the curse girl, the mother girl, and the totally-not-a-vampire girl. Each one is explained in turn. The curse girl knows about curses. The mother girl is her mother. The totally-not-a-vampire girl is totally not a vampire. And guess who gets to be another totally-not-a-slave without having any say in the matter or expressing any opinion of it whatsoever. Can't wait to rerun the first five episodes just with a slightly different also totally flawless character. Go back to doing meth.


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