Magical Revolution #05 — Do Drugs

February 1st, 2023


Is this really the lesson of the day we're going with?

I think I'm calling it quits with Tomo. All the humor is just yelling. Even the goofiness of the second episode is totally gone for just… more and more yelling. It exhausts me.


This episode would have been a lot better had it come three episodes ago. Not just for having some actual animation again for the first time since about four minutes past the start of the first episode, but because revealing that Anis is actually a dangerous lunatic who's addicted to power enhancing drugs she invented that are literally destroying her body and mind out of raw jealousy for all the people around her who can use magic, and wants to kill the dragon to use it to make an even stronger drug to mess herself up even more, is far more compelling story than anything in the past three episodes. 

And yet, we're clearly not meant to take it that way. We're supposed to admire how she's dosing on magical PCP that shreds her insides and fills her with euphoric murderlust and feelings of megalomania. Her failing isn't that, it's not believing enough in the power of friendship, or to wit, doing the exact same thing as before, but with Euphie touching her back this time, so instead of the dragon being invulnerable, she one-shots it. And then does it again for good measure. That's Euphie's entire role in this fight. To touch Anis's back and say "You're doing great." What a character. Truly the greatest slave. Then she thanks Anis for becoming her new owner. Christ. Oh, and remember how we spent almost half of last week on a meeting about this with the prince declaring that his entire being was staked in being the one to slay the dragon? Well, I guess that was all resolved off-screen somewhere. I don't even know what to do with the writing of this show. It's starting to get to Granbelm levels of obliviousness to what it's actually putting out there.


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