Huge Fauna of Ars #05 — Mountain Fever

February 3rd, 2023


This society raises some anthropological questions.


What a curious culture of orcs mountain-people this is. You must prove your might, but when push comes to shove, that's when the orc flautists and interpretive dancers come out. And love is love. Hetersexual, homosexual, interspecies, whatever. Please, impregnate our women before you go. Mixed blood is mighty blood! Don't worry about the past. Live for today! This orc society is more progressive than most depictions of modern society, Japanese or American. Who looks at orcs and thinks to themself "This. This is the society of warriors that will be the paragons of tolerance, acceptance, and free lovin'. And I bet they play a kickass flute."

That alone was enough to make the episode amusing for me, especially after Thursday's dire showing. It was mostly a whole episode doing the whole Maverick joke of a supposedly savage society that is totally modernized and that the protagonist is already well acquainted with, but it's a good bit, and unusual for anime. It seems like we'll be sticking around for another episode at least too. Can't say the side party members did themselves any favors, but at least they were pretty minimized this week to lets the orc interpretive dancers and flautists do their things. 

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  • NeclordX says:

    Yeah, you are avoiding the elephan in the room here. That’s how flexible the women on this tribe have to be to survive

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