High Card #08 — Obligatory Burning of the Orphanage

February 27th, 2023


One roast chicken for like 20 kids? Uh…


Boy, this episode escalated quickly. The first ten minutes were just going back to the orphanage with all the standard stuff. I don't know why Finn doesn't just say that he works in security, insurance, or reclamation or something. Wouldn't even be a lie, but we can't break the cliches, I guess. It seemingly is to introduce some magic book one of the orphans has, but then it gets marble-ized, so… uh, I guess it was just some random widget.

Speaking of marble-ization, then, halfway through, the antagonist from the first episode kicks in the door and sets fire to the whole place, speeding up the whole end of the orphanage thing and the rest of the episode is fighting him, and actually, the episode is to introduce that you can combine cards to go all Akira? Turn yourself into a marble-based monster? Which is then defeated by someone using their power to fire a literal stinger missile from across the city. I feel like that would have a lot more splash damage than… none. Hell, direct damage too. Also, wasn't Finn's power's whole schtick that he never misses? I feel like there were some writing issues this week. I mean, better than having nothing going on at all… Magical Revolution… but it certainly feels like someone lost control of the writer's room at some point.  

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