High Card #07 — Double Date

February 20th, 2023


Stalking instagrammers now, huh?


The handcuffed-to-each-other is such an action cliche, and yet I can't recall the last time I've seen it show up in anime. Unfortunately, they don't really do much with it except some minor jokes about how people think the dudes are a couple and they're super into that, and it's still a bit weird to go from the public execution episode to a heist to harassing an instagrammer with hand-based superglue powers. They do blow their load pretty early by showing that she's petty at worst, and not evil in the slightest, and never introduce any sinister lurking shadows or the like.

The real focus was on the immortal guy though, or specifically, that he has a sister dying of Sick Anime Girl Disease, known to the rest of the world as Ali MacGraw disease, where they're perfectly fine and win the hearts of everybody until spontaneously spitting up blood and collapsing, only becoming prettier as they approach death. Which is a weird thing with the immortal card right there, and presumably some other card out there which could also help. I feel like it should've also done a better job about the Instagrammer herself and tying her own lies and fantasies about her life to the dude's lies. He gave a whole speech about how he's going to always lie, to others and himself, and then they just… left that. It didn't feel particularly resolved to me.

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