High Card #06 — Who’s Who

February 13th, 2023


That seems like a company name with branding problems.


Well, they tried to do a heist episode at least, but the prestige at the end of it where they reveal the final twist should preferably not be a third party kicking in the door and just walking off with the loot, or in this case, a helicopter fly by to telekinetically yoink the card away. Just one more little sleight of hand at the end. A third fake card, or the card was never there all along, and you could've called it a genuine heist. Oh well.

I'm also not even clear on this new antagonist's plan. I guess he wasn't technically running the auction, but he was apparently tapped into all the security and stuff, and his grand plan was to… embarrass the good guys by outbidding them? And then the episode ends with him declaring his dedication to paid time off for his employees in between madly cackling about not getting enough press for having the high bid in a story about a helicopter wizard. That's a… difficult thought to parse. I'm sure he's meant to be more comic relief antagonist than serious, but this is coming off an episode of the illuminati mafia publicly torturing and executing some dude for being a failed bank robber. It's a little weird to say that's an antagonist, but also, so is Glomgold over here.


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