High Card #05 — Abolish the Police

February 6th, 2023


What do the cops in this town even do? Besides murder people, I mean.


The show was not exactly subtle before, but this episode took things to pretty ridiculous extremes. It's hard to understand this setting where magic powers existing and secret X-Men and X-Mafias fighting a secret war are all secret while they're also blatantly showing off their powers to anybody and everybody, and doing public executions in front of a bunch of random people, police officers, and government officials. If they were trying to show how far the X-Mafia's tendrils have spread through society, then they shouldn't be showing everybody surprised and aghast at being witness to a surprise execution. Also, what exactly was the plan here that the dude failed. Give him a magic card and go rob some banks? This is your master plan? And why exactly did they try to assassinate that cop? Or was the target meant to be Finn? Either way, neither was actually doing anything related to the X-Mafia this episode, so what they were even pissy about is a mystery. Also, I am trying very hard to ignore that the rookie's name is Sugar Peas.

Anyway, it was mainly an episode about the cops. The token rookie wants to find out what's going on, and literally every single other cop is is either an outright murderer in thrall to the X-Mafia, or just plain apathetic to it. So much for them being the Jim Gordon kind of neutral pseudo allies letting the superheroes and supervillains do their own things as I assumed. Even the rookie, after being nearly assassinated suddenly decides to not care. It was just kind of a dumb episode all around. I imagine the point was more to try to show how super duper evil and powerful the X-Mafia was, but all it really accomplished was highlighting how little sense the setting makes. Just run with it. Allow suspension of disbelief. Don't change focus to the muggles to try to explain things. It doesn't work.


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  • Chipp12 says:

    Looks like they’ve explained a bit how the card powers are categorized. I wonder why they didn’t touch on this within the show though.