Tomo’s a Girl! #02 — Agent of Chaos

January 11th, 2023


And yes, has large breasts.

For the record, I did quickly scan through Technoroid's second episode given the weird cliffhanger at the end of the first. It's actually a murder suicide, as the robot jumps into the magma right after, and to its credit, it seems to actually be making a whole plot out of there being some kind of murder mystery with police characters investigating it and the boy band. To its demerit, that's the B-plot to the episode with the main one being a re-run of hanging out with that kid half their age and then doing a spontaneous CGI dance routine out of nowhere. So… nah. It could've gone all Bladerunner or something, but idol leopards seemingly can't change their spots, so not interested.


Well, on one hand, the show finally made me laugh. I enjoy the fanservice girl. She's a genuine force for chaos like the token quiet quirky girls of yore that every show needed to have. Pani Poni Dash's Ichijo, Softenni's Kurusu, GA's Kyouju, etc. On the other hand, introducing her with exaggerated bouncing boobs, probably not ideal. And even less so when we get to the T&A exercising part and the only thing she can do is jump to make her boobs bounce. They do overdo the foreigner accent a bit, but most of her jokes are not accompanied by screaming, and are the kind of Tracy Morgan-esque not quite non sequiturs that technically fit into the conversation but still catch you offguard to at least be worth a chuckle.

The first half of the episode though… That was more of the obnoxious same. Why don't you try not wearing your spats. Okay, and let's all scream about how awkward and girly that is now… somehow. I was a band nerd in high school and college. From like 15 years old, I was changing in mixed company, sleeping on floors with random people I despised, swapping mouthpieces and water bottles out of convenience, sharing hotels and bed rooms with whoever. All this screaming and hysteria over merely existing near somebody of the opposite sex, I find obnoxious, not funny nor cute. Grow up, you shrieking babies.

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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    The voice actor using essentially the same voice for Cotton Candy Girl in English and Japanese makes her come off super bizarre in English, nakes it feel like she’s “doing a voice.”

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