Tomo Might Be a Girl #04 — More Inappropriate Touching

January 25th, 2023


The screaming will continue until comedy is achieved.


I was really hoping this would be a decent episode so I could happily cut ties with the other show and not abandon Wednesdays entirely, but alas. Another episode that may as well be titled "Tomo doesn't understand basic social interactions and screams about it." I don't like just summarizing, and the show's just doing half a dozen completely disparate segments where the setup and and punchline to each is always someone going "BWAAAAGH!?" like a freaking Rabbid or Minion. I don't know what there is to say about it.

They could at least be interweaving things to make it seem like there's an A, B, C, and D plot all going on simultaneously, or at least build up some of these other characters they introduce for one two minute segment and then throw back into the bin. Doing it all in sequence just drives home how obnoxious and insubstantial each one is. Maybe covid can knock out one of these too. Maybe both. 

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