Tomo is a Girl! #03 — Haunted Bowling Alley

January 18th, 2023


I'd be a little wary of a completely empty bowling alley that only has pink balls.


The blonde gremlin was amusing last week, but this week was right back to screaming while still maintaining the whole "nothing happens ever, not even within the episode" schtick. For the first half, the spiteful one explained how she dated the dude for a few days, then he dumped her. The jokes were just that Red would randomly scream in the middle of that explanation, stretching it out to fill a third of the episode. From there, all cohesion completely broke down as they bumped into random people to fill the next third of the episode, where again, all the supposed gags were the same person random overreacting extremely loudly.

Eventually, we would get to the date, where blessedly, the screaming was muted for a short time to instead just smash glitter and a pink haze all over the screen to show how much of an innocent girl at heart she is. Why bother actually putting together a scene or writing a script demonstrating character traits when you can just adjust the colors and pull up some half-assed out-of-the-box visual effects? 

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