The Iceblade Sorceror #02 — Pump Those Pecs, Brah

January 12th, 2023


I honestly can't tell if this is homophobic, or just plain strange.


Okay, so, uh… let's summarize. It starts out by pretending that the dude and his roomate are having sex, but they're just exercising, so he goes to the sauna of beefcakes to be inducted into the beefcake club, but they think he's not swole enough, bro, so he strips, flexes for them, and shows off his certification of swoleness, bruh. He then excuses himself to go join the tea club, but they won't let him in until he proves that he's able to landscape a garden. So he does that, in the process flexing his muscles for a girl, brah. After that, he stumbles on the twintailed girl again, who's super into bugs. No, no. Suuuuper into bugs. But that's cool with him. You can fantasize about sex with all the insects you want. We're friends. You do you. After which, they have some assignment, so he and his roomate go and offer to tagteam the shy girl by leaning in close and breathing in her face. Also, he's told that he's supposed to be investigating the school for spies. Oh, and he has to do a quick explanation of magic, which he does so by imagining a naked beefcake in his underwear.

That's only the first half of the episode, and already has more claims to parody or satire than any of the various reincarnation cheat nonsense things that think they are. Sure, I highly doubt that it's meant to be a super gay bodybuilding enthusiast extremely secure in his sexuality and interests gathering a harem of horny airheads while he bro's it up with his flexmaster friends. The whole tea landscaping segment would have ended perfectly if it had the whole gang of beefcakes sitting in the garden flexing and complimenting his posies. It's fascinating just for how completely nonsense it all is, which is a far cry from good, but has a certain kind of amusement to it. The second half though certainly is absolutely generic LN drek with particularly bad animation, and an ED that's just all the females naked and spinning in a circle. 

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  • The Phantom says:

    I find the initial segment utterly offensive, is that supposed to be a joke about gay sex really?

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