The Iceblade Sorceror #01 — Ice, Blades, Sorcerory Optional

January 5th, 2023


Might be a decade too late to be this half-assed.


Well, this was terrible, but in a nostalgic kind of way. Terrible Classique, if you will. I'm totally fine with the angsty overpowered dude going to fanservice fighting magic school. I still think fondly of Felli and FonFon on occasion. But this was nowhere even close to the high high standards of Regios's mediocrity. Is starting out with about a ten minute lecture about the exact nature of magic that's all just technobabble anyway and explanation that this is a magical school and here's the whole history of it really any better than explaining how high stats mean you have high statistics? Maybe marginally, but save the cultist indoctrination and self flagellation for rush week at least.

Speaking of flagellation, the harem is all as generic as they come, and each gets one to three minutes to show up and then piss right off again. The roomate was probably the highlight, just because in a whole episode devoid of any jokes, 17 minutes in, they meet and immediately strip to flex their pecs at each other. Would that all the of the meet-cutes had gone that way. That was then followed up by the twintailed member of the harem screaming her head off about how she has twintails and twintails are the twintailest. Please stop shouting at me about your hair, you crazed lunatic. Other than bumping into all the boob-havers in turn, the big dramatic story element of the episode is one bitchy mean girl dude who spends the entire episode throwing a tantrum over the dude's existence, only to be humiliated when he finally gets to pick a fight with the white bread protagonist. Where his wooden sword just pops because animating is really really hard.  

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