The Fire Hunting King #02 — Flying Dogs

January 15th, 2023


Why are you so damn boring?


I guess might as well toss this up. As I mentioned in the first episode, I'm not totally sure what's up with the Chinese streaming having episodes 1-3, but here we are. It was marginally better than the first episode in that the girl spent only 90% of her time with a glass-eyed stare instead of 99%, but the whole adventure or fantasy world aspect is still being presented so poorly. The dude's side of the story is just him sitting there, staring blankly as some guy rambles at him, and the girl/dog is just being dragged along until a random monster shows up.

And that's where the direction and animation completely falls apart under the pressure of having to animate anything at all instead of panning over sceneries. We're talking weird cut-ins, the repeated abrupt shifts to the different art style for 'dramatic' stills, and dogs haphazardly flying through the air like… well, nothing randomly coasts and does flips before turning into missles, so I don't know what they're flying like. And not to spoil the third episode, but that's basically how it goes too, except with a dragon instead of an ape in the final 15 seconds as a cliffhanger so they can animate even less.


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