Spy Room #04 — Bad Girls

January 26th, 2023


Please stop saying that. It's creeping me out.


Well, there was the skeleton of an okay episode here, so I feel slightly more charitable towards this than I do either of yesterday's episodes. It was focused on one character. There were some twists and turns. It came full circle to revealing that the seemingly dumb little argument at the start actually had a purpose. People learned valuable lessons. Characters sort of grew. There was a start, middle, and end. You know, the absolute bare minimum to telling a story that so many other shows, this one included, seem to constantly flub up so badly.

It's just that most of the moment to moment bits continue to be incredibly stupid, especially the reveal of how the dude 'outwitted' super duper chains. He somehow surreptitiously bribed the guy with a priceless gem he always has in his mouth to use the bad chains, and then using his precognition and super magical reflexes, destroyed them with stray bullets. Come on. This is just plain silly. And then we have to address the character the episode focused on. At some point, the repetition of the phrase "I am a very, very bad girl," in third person child-speak… it goes way past (laughable) melancholy and I start to suspect someone is either having a go at the VA here, or it's just their fetish.


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