Spy Room #03 — An Effort Was Almost Made

January 19th, 2023


Didn't even bother to finish him off or tie him up? Sloppy.


Between this, Onimai, and Revenger, this was clearly the best third episode, but still very far from passable. Onimai got around to introducing the pink character in the OP/ED, and her schtick is that she has a huge chest. The animation goes into overdrive every time that she leans in close just to draw how much her chest is hanging down and swaying around. That's probably not the 'joke' that the show needed to redeem itself. Mostly, it just annoys me how much effort is being put into animating it (in places). Revenger, on the other hand, was just plain really boring. They visited their one brothel per episode, and then the main guy killed a dude, but sneakily instead of loudly. Sure, I guess. Not in any hurry to develop a story or characters, I see.

This had the skeleton of a decent heist-like episode where things came together, everybody using their various skills just for one final bit of deception… but executed so, so badly, like the script was written by a crazy person. "You have no idea what our actual super talents are." Oh, so you're going to use them now? No? You're just wandering away instead? With only like three of you even pretending like you did anything? Uh, okay. "We fooled the wiretap by never verbally acknowledging an extra person." All so she could stab him once, which he then proceeded to ignore. Only a fleshwound. But now we're going to spend a paragraph explaining that it has made him imperceptably worse… somehow… and thus is why he lost, off-screen, in a samurai duel. People looked at this script and said to themselves "Yeah, this looks professional and intelligent."


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  • NeclordX says:

    May be this is weird but the thing that realy stood me up was that the bad guy had a fucking sword on his back.
    Like, I get it, melee is always cool, but he had not a knife, not a machete nor even a hidden sword on a cane, no he had a short knight straightsword hanging on his back over his jacket.

    I know its just me, but of all the silly things there were on this episode this is the one that really made me wtf

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