Sizable Cryptids of Ars #04 — Fishy Rabbits

January 27th, 2023


Did that one dude really try to square up against what he thought was a flood?


If these last two episodes were meant to introduce the two new party members, I have a hard time seeing how they succeeded. I don't know jack about either of them really except that they're animal people, and I guess their general classes? Dude's a terrible fighter, fanservice lady I guess is a doctor/gambler. He's… uh… young and dumb. She's older and hates dudes who abuse magical girls. Why did everybody suddenly stop talking and glare when she walked into the bar? Who knows! Apparently she's a respected doctor round these parts. Maybe they're just racist, or are angry at the bunny people.

Neither did anything whatsoever against the monster of the week, in this case, a giant fish. Which he dropped some rocks on. Really going all out with these fights and transformations, aren't we? It was another episode that feels like it came from an SNES's town of the week little sidequest. The cave to the next town is blocked until you, uh, beat this catfish! Also, take our resident doctor and some kid, I guess. I know I said it before, but goddamn, is it all just so painfully mediocre that it's frustrating. And I don't think adding magical girl clones is the answer either.

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  • J Greely says:

    For me, the worst thing was that the fan-service bunnygirl was about as sexy as the red-eyed giant fish. The most provocative thing she did was stuff the butt-end of the spear between her breasts for… no good reason.


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