Northern War #04 — The Gang Fights a Rock

January 27th, 2023


And loses.

If you're curious how Buddy Daddies's fourth episode went, it was entirely about them looking for a preschool/daycare, and shopping for kids' crap. That show has been… tiresome.


Isn't it a little early for a hot spring episode? Not that I expected anything after the clown last week. If anything, I want it to become more nonsense. "So we visited Las Vegas… and then left. Wow, look at this cameo passing right by us. Anyway, let's go to a hot spring that's frozen over because a slime crawled into the pipes and got stuck." And that's how they spent the entire episode, acting as plumbers to dislodge a jam in the pipes, which they took back and are now keeping as a pet. Or gave to the hot spring as a pet. I'm not sure. 

And then there's the firearm and physics lesson that they tried to give. Just add this muzzle attachment and now your pistol can fire rifle bullets. Oh, but these are special rifle bullets that accelerate like rockets, so you need to use gravity and distance to make them extra powerful. You guys, uh… understand that's not how guns or bullets work, right? Or that the terminal velocity on a tiny bullet isn't going to amount to jack squat? Also, the totally regular bullet from below seemed to pierce just fine, so… uh… What even is this stupid show doing?


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