Northern War #02 — Emotional Support Giant Dog

January 13th, 2023


Or does it just like ballet?


I'm not wild on this either, but after how awful Buddy Daddies's second episode was, it was at least a little easy on the ears to be subjected to an episode that was half logistics meeting. I'm sure it all means something to the people who have suffered through multiple games worth of Falcom's plodding, meandering nonsense, or maybe it doesn't. Because it's just suits in a room discussing how war has happened, in happening, and will be happening. One of them brought his giant dog. To a ballet.

The half of the episode involving the protagonist was more or less the same as last week. She still doesn't speak. There's a different batch of wacky hyper competent sidekicks. She wows everybody by being flawless at everything, and then saves the day with some property damage to save lives and prevent greater property damage, and so the brass has to punish her, even while explaining that they totally understand that she did everything exactly right. You're not just going to not punish a protagonist after all. And no, we're not going to be looking into the sabotage or magic wind thingy or whatever was even going on there. It's all very haphazard.

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