Nier Automata v1.1a #03 — Defeated By Covid

January 21st, 2023


Really, a character named Jackass.


Welp, there goes the one Saturday show, and the sole thing that has at least maintained some of its animation budget after one episode, delayed indefinitely due to covid. Although it wasn't all that compelling an episode, particularly after the previous one. I'm not sure if a character named Jackass being annoying is a joke or not, but… yeah. It was an escort quest for an annoying shouty character named Jackass. They fought some random robots. A boss spawned that immediately asked why they were attacking him, so they attacked him even more. We are not the curious kind of fetish killbots, apparently.

And that's where we're leaving off for the next week at least, possibly season. Who knows! Spawns some naked dudes, impales them, and just leaves. Truly the spirit of Yoko Taro.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • residentgrigo says:

    The elite androds aren´t supposed to ask questions. The point in the game where they start to get in touch with their emotions and develop empathy and self-reflection is when things to off the rails for them. The more “human” adroids on the earth have more personality as they are older models now deemed ineffective. And they also spend tons of time on the planet without backup. 2B on the other hand is 2 years old and 9S is 3. The Hitler youth from space, in a way.

    Ep 2 was based on a DLC and side story elements + the prequel play that is older than the game. All of ep 1 and 66% of ep 3 are based on the main mission (both the 2B and 9S rout at once) and the desert tribe flashback is from Nier 1. Ep 2 also has a single frame from Drakengard 1/Nier 1 intro so the anime is destined to go real bonkers real soon as more than “just” the 3 campaigns from the game are on the table. A-1 is about to make a good gaming anime. God help us all.

    The anime getting Covid borders on a Yoko Taro twist as most his games feature a virus or two.

  • residentgrigo says:

    A1 slowing down for side content means that the Robot Shakespear play will likely be featured in full. Meme gold if they do it right.

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Well, since this show is delayed by Covid, and certainly no other reason to do with production side incompetence, that just gives you more time to cover hidden gems, such as HBO Max’s new Velma show that critics are raving about.

  • The Phantom says:

    Can she die and be replaced by A2, please.