Nier Automata v1.1a #02 — Wall-E

January 14th, 2023


This is why you don't teach robots to read.


I was about to say that the whole Wall-E/Bastion bit through the first half definitely wasn't part of the game I played, which, again, was brief, but then we switch up to the fetishists on the moon standing in a circle, doing recap and… yep. Now that's exactly what I remember. Luckily, we get tired of that pretty quickly and it's back to the inevitable tragic end to Scarface and his flower patch; first trampled by other killer robots, then blown up by moon maids. As if it was ever going to end any other way.

While it was basically every single Robot Gains Humanity story ever, it was still very nicely presented, with the rarest of all things in Japanese media, simply shutting the hell up and letting the visuals and music tell the story. Insert songs to sell CDs don't count. I just don't really know what else there is to say about it. It'd be nice if future episodes were presented similarly though; encapsulated stories as the protagonists and their dumb main plot come crashing through town, obliterating everything without a second thought in a Casshern Sins kind of way.

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