Massive Creatures of Ars #03 — Bipedal Elephants

January 20th, 2023


Oh god. Why are there two of the annoying animal-girl people?


Far be it from me to advocate for the safety of obnoxious screaming children, but it feels like a bad idea to throw the girl who keeps accidentally incinerating people into a bunch of them. But since the drug-addled crazy is apparently busy getting high this week, the only enemy was a randomly spawned elephant, so nobody got vaporized. Not even one threatening the village. They were hunting it until them until an eeeeevil one showed up, possibly mad about the first being killed. I also have to compliment the animators restraint in not drawing buttholes on everything, elephants included. They definitely weren't too busy animating the fight. The animation here has gotten as bad as in Northern War.

Somehow, this was the recruitment episode for a random dude of the cat-people village, not that you could tell by anything that happened in the episode. He was just… I guess there for a couple scenes, forgot his sword when he went to go fight and… then showed up again at the end of the episode. Was that meant to be introducing him? They certainly… uh… gave his name and explained that he's an orphan. What a character.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • J Greely says:

    But the second oompa-loompa wears a dog on her head and goes woof, which is like major world-building!


    • Aroduc says:

      I was still hoping the whole parade of them in the OP would be either just her swapping animals out, or some one-off thing about a village full of these clones, not that there exists a token katz or whatever person in every town. That means it’s going to be an ongoing gag.

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