Malevolent Spirits #04 — Getting Teenagers Laid

January 30th, 2023


Don't tell the Republicans.


A lot like High Card, this is doing a suspiciously decent job of maintaining its mediocrity, though on the lower side. I do have to wonder why they put any effort at all into animating this one-off ash dude, even if it was only four seconds of hopping around. That's still four more seconds than some of these cheat power things have bothered with in multiple episodes combined. It's not like there weren't ample scenes they could've cut short to make more time for the fight too, but the dude was essentially one shot while mewling that it was an unfair fight, so…

The story and character side though… it's aiming low and I guess hitting that mark? They reveal that they're all dowry stuff and exist solely to get her a husband. He says that's weird. Then apologizes for it and she agrees it is weird. This could've been a single short scene, but they're trying to build it up to be a whole episode. Nor does it help that Botan herself is still just someone whose head they grab so she can make silly faces and whimper awkwardly. Stand on your own feet, girl. Express some personality or character of your own. We're four episodes in. Are you a main character or a magic eight ball for everybody else to grab and shake?


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