Malevolent Spirits #03 — Pins and Needles

January 23rd, 2023


Sure is a lot of wind in that alley to make those scarves billow dramatically.


Weirdly, the animation and action is somehow improving with this show instead of collapsing like every other action show this season. Or maybe they just scraped together a little more budget for the third episode since this was where they put the big dramatic declaration that this is where the story truly begins with a recap of both characters' schticks, forgetting that one of them has only been on screen for maybe three minutes of the last hour worth of show. But credit where it's due. We've ascended from embarrassingly poor for a Sunrise Bandai Namco show all the way to the high heights of mediocrity in production and animation. Even the director did a couple stylish things to save on the budget but still look cool.

What was less competent this week was the writing overall. We were thankfully spared long explanations of powers, avoiding the main pitfall, but the core of the epsiode was doing the friend thing with a grumpy sewing needle and they just kind of… dropped that partway through and never came back to it. They also spent quite a while building up the whole darkness within nonsense only to give the most banal "I'm also a monster… for protecting people!" speech imaginable. If the goal was to show that he's brutally merciless, we probably need to go past the current PG rated level of violence. This wasn't shocking or upsetting in the least. 

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