Malevolent Spirits #02 — A Little Harmless Attempted Murder

January 16th, 2023


Who among us hasn't tried to kill someone checking to see if we're not murderous?


This would be so much more tolerable if the animation during the action scenes wasn't so mediocre to bad. There are two fights this week, but each lasted about five seconds and at least three of those were stills. Ironically, the protagonist, who's schtick is that he's blunt and has the charisma of a brick, is the highlight of the characters so far. He's a stick in the mud, but the jokes with taking everything completely in stride come naturally and with a minimal amount of shouting, so they don't interfere with the story's (unfortunately) slow pace. 

And it is unfortunately still rather slow paced despite there being two separate segments here since most of the time was spent chatting the harem up on the way to the job, not actually on the job(s) itself. The second one was also a bit iffy. They're there to make sure she's not going to be a harm to others, which A.) He accepts without complaint or comment, and B.) The moment she gets scared, she immediately tries to murder all of them. Both of these things seem like major dealbreakers! But we just ignore both. Apparently he's totally fine with the idea that there's a bunch of these things he hates walking around in secret, and everybody else is okay with a little attempted murder. Seems like that should be an instant fail to the whole "is safe to toss out in public" decision, but what do I know?


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