Malevolent Spirits #01 — Let’s Hear From The Audience

January 9th, 2023


Let's not and say we didn't.

Ayakashi Triangle and some godawful cheat power reincarnation thing still remain, but I need to do some work stuff briefly that I can't put off until evening.


This, on the other hand, ended up unfortunately as mediocre as the promos looked. Mostly, it was just that classic godawful Jump pacing slowing things down. There were like two minutes in between declaring that they were going to fight and actually starting, and even once it did, we get one still before it jumps to the peanut gallery to explain that still. Then four swings before, once again, back to the peanut gallery to talk about it. This is not how you adapt a fight. It only lasted a couple minutes to start with, and almost all of that was spent looking at the sidelines. So animation sure as hell ain't a strength either, and it's pretty dire if this is the best that they're going to be putting up and it's downhill from here.

Little of the rest was that interesting either. Contrast cranked all the way up for the dramatic intro revenge scene premise, which then got re-explained later. Some convenient policemen hanging around to explain setting stuff. Sitting around the table to further explain the setting. At the very least, show the two musclehead thingies at the start being a menace and the protagonist being saving somebody from them, plus the more empathic approach. But nah. We're going to have talking heads explain our way through all that, because why have a hook when you can just talk someone through the entire premise in a tedious 15 minute presentation.


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