Magical Revolution #03 — Sword Envy

January 18th, 2023


Each episode of this show that passes without someone wearing monster corpses, my interest wanes a large chunk more.


Nor does it help that it's both leaning harder into the cheat aspects, badly, and focusing on the stick in the mud character, worsely. The former issue still isn't to the mortal sin level of stat screens and dick swinging, but it's just randomly declaring that various things are a totally different and even more super awesome amazing kind of magic where there's no baseline given whatsoever, and all they ever do is shoot trees. Is that a significantly different fireball than usual? Is enchanting a sword with elements a special thing? Hell if I know. Certainly seems like it's not, so it's up to the exposition to tell us in a vacuum that it apparently is. This is just plain bad storytelling.

But then there's the second point, Euphie, who continues to both be insufferably flawless and treated obnoxiously stupidly. I've been waiting since the previous episode for literally any character whatsoever to have a moment of realization and say "Okay, all the old men and royalty who want to literally own you like chattel have had their say. What do YOU want?" But that still isn't happening. Last week, it was that she wasn't going to be owned by a good owner, so let's be happy to give her to one instead. This week was even worse; just explaining over and over that she is completely perfect in all ways and anybody would be a fool to not want to own such a perfect person. To which she replies that she needs to finish her apology tour for all the people she failed. Come the hell on. Stand up for yourself at least once in three damn episodes in any way at all. Be your own person once. Have any other character push her to do so. Spawn a dragon or vampire invasion for them to fight instead. Just stop it with the slave adjacent horse crap.

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