Large Animals of Ars #02 — Smelly Men

January 13th, 2023


Sure. That can be his thing. Why not?


Between this and Northern War, it sure is a day for mediocre fantasy adventure. I feel like this has the edge on characters and storytelling in general, just because none of it takes place in a board room, discussing military logistics for a particularly stupid army, but Northern War's high points have a bit more effort put into them. That could just be how half-assed the climax of the episode was, on top of the corny "attack the giant glowing weak point!" of the fight at the start. 

Anyway, girl is an oracle or something, which means she can fuse Tales of Zestiria style to turn the dude into a magical boy with glowing hair with super powers. Also, his spear has super powers. She also keeps accidentally incinerating people and loves to smell the dude, which I'm counting as a plus. The story hasn't gone any further than that. "I'll take you to the next town, and that's it," which of course always ends there. It's very much an RPG adaptation that isn't actually adapting anything, which is a mite confusing since it's sticking so hard to tropes that don't really exist. Aren't there supposed to be giant beasts? Plural? Or is the one all we're getting?


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