Iceblade Sorceror #04 — Screaming Ninnies

January 26th, 2023


Oh, are we doing Death Note cosplay now?


Any lasting amusement from how weird the second episode was has fully run its course, and if this is what it's going to be serving up as the big culmination to the first arc… yeesh. That's embarrassing, even without the few minutes at the start of walking in on the random girl changing in the middle of a room for no reason who then exits the episode without comment or point. The big baddie pulling the strings is the teacher… you know, the lady who has had maybe 70 seconds of screen time since the first episode, where she had maybe two minutes, all spent jabbering techno babble. Which is largely how she spent this episode too. "I will ensare your engram for the glory of eugenics!" I'm glad I don't have to translate this, because it's just a garble of English words being used in the wrong ways. 

But the really pathetic part was the fight. Both fights. Sure, the animation was awful, and the main character just spent the entire thing standing in place, effortlessly swatting away everything haphazardly tossed his way while the peanut gallery oohed, aahed, and explained how super duper awesome he was, but the truly painful part came from the antagonists spending the entire thing shrieking in deranged rants despite how little was going on. They even threw in a sad flashback to explain how the spoiled racist jackass actually just wanted daddy's attention. Oh, well, sure. Then the attempted murder and racism is totally excusable. Friends forever. All it does is convince me that this show would be greatly improved if it was just the dude getting up to hijinks with his sweaty bodybuilders and the tea club, and it would still suck once the novelty of that wore off.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    It is just shameful how poorly animated this show is, the pictures dont make justice to how shitty this whole thing is. The teacher reval was also utterly stupid, she had no reason to reveal herself and she gains nothing by doing so.