High Card #03 — Root of All Evil

January 23rd, 2023


Not even "Cash is King?"


You'd think that becoming some kind of crazy fire-woshipping cult, meeting in a warehouse to chant over a half-assed piece of industrial garbage art would come after stumbling into pyrokinetic powers, not before, but who are any of us to comprehend how the minds of those disgusting poor people work. Which is a very bizarre track to take for introducing another new X-Man onto the team, the spoiled rich kid who believes that money is everything, screw the peasants, antagonize everybody, and then berate them for the resulting conflicts. But he has a soft spot for children, and was neglected, so that excuses all of it. Apparently. Needed to do a whole lot more work to redeem this pissant little brat than slap a band-aid on someone's face.

Anyway, he has the power of turning money into whatever, which you'd think they'd have enough wherewithal to use Google to Anglocize as "Greed is Good," "Money is Power," or "Bang For Your Buck" but instead decided to go with… *checks episode again* "Never No Dollars." Please hire an eight year old to check your English. It's 2023. Stop this. I guess at least it's maintaining its structure and animation, mediocre as both are. It hasn't introduced a lunatic terrorist clown… yet. Though we probably need to be introducing the greater plot element at this point alongside the characters of the week, especially if they're going to be as unlikeable as this one.

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