High Card #02 — Clobbering Time

January 16th, 2023


…To come after 15 minutes of exposition.


The ED was honestly the highlight of the episode for me and showed the most promise of things to come. All of them rocking out together in a car is definitely the kind of vibe I could go for about now. Unfortunately, most of the episode was pretty dull infodumping about how the magic cards exist, people want to collect them, and you're being recruited into a team that does that. It's not something we needed to spend over half the episode on, and yet, we sat here and sipped tea.

That left only about five minutes for the enemy X-man of the week, a dude who can turn into rock who… uh… was also desperate for money? That's his whole connection to everybody? At least they didn't just overpower him with the power of powers, but the whole thing was so abbreviated that no aspects of it really worked, and definitely not the dramatic moping of the protagonist. It'd be nice if they kept the powers simple and found creative uses for them, but especially after the ending stinger of "you have the weakest power level of all," I already expect the inevitable reveal that his card is actually an Ace or Joker or Rules Card or something.


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