Handyman Outcasts #02 — Inappropriate Relationships

January 15th, 2023


I expected little from this season, and boy, did I get it.


I don't really care for either of these enough to continue on. Tale of the Outcasts is moving at a snail's pace and its animation is just plain awful, on top of the unsettling romance between a twelve year old blind orphan girl and a thousand year old lion furry. The demon hunter is his brother, and he disapproves of her dating a demon! But he shows he cares for her for taking a bullet to the arm, so he'll accept their romance for now. Gag me with a spoon.

Saitou, on the other hand, has all the same issues as the first episode. Animation also remains awful, and there's zero cohesion between anything. A couple segments also forgot to have any sort of punchline and opted instead for fanservice. Hydras are eels, and here's how you cook eels. Oh look, metal-eating slime, now there's boobs. Here's an elf and cleric, she likes to lick his wounds. Then the whole second half just skipped comedy entirely and tried for drama. The fairy is cursed to sacrifice gold so we take pity on her. Random golem, oh no, I'm dead, but we have Phoenix Downs, so I'm not. Uh, okay? I honestly don't get what you're going for and it really seems like you're just throwing random stuff at the screen in hopes that something will stick. 

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