Buddy Daddies #02 — Pee Tapes

January 13th, 2023


We are in disagreement over the innate cuteness of children.


If this is really going to be the tone and structure of the show, I don't think I'm long for it. The humor has become basically all the kid screaming and Mr. Magoo-ing her way around messing up missions while the assassin/spy stuff is incredibly lazy and half-assed. Dude just stands in a hail of gunfire from guards that would make even Stormtroopers blush with their inaccuracy, with a magically transforming rifle that never misses. If you're going to be this unserious about things, then we probably shouldn't be pretending like we're serious and badass assassins. I would expect this from like… Tiny Toons or, I don't know, Totally Spies.

Mostly though, it's the extremely obnoxious child. She is, of course, perfection incarnate, but is also capable of outrunning grown men, never cries, and only wants to be with daddy. And never goddamned stops screaming, which from how the show frames her, I'm meant to take is to show how cute and funny she is. She's not. I would take Anya's stupid faces a hundred times over nonstop screaming, and if I couldn't survive that as the main vector for comedy, screaming and corny Looney Tunes 'assassin' stuff definitely isn't going to cut it.

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