Buddy Daddies #01 — Bulletproof Dinette Set

January 6th, 2023


I don't think catering works like that.

I know the farming reincarnation thing aired quite a bit before this, but I'm doing this first. Out of pure spite. And because I sorted the caps while Northern War was reciting its lore. It's… not a good episode, I can tell you that from the caps alone. Three of six down. Halfway!


You really have to admire the professionalism of security guards at a Christmas party who upon seeing a five year old child, immediately open fire. These people also sprang for the bullet proof serving trays. No, seriously. Dude throws a bunch of deserts in the air as a distraction, and then uses the tray (that he just threw) to completely protect himself from a semi-automatic weapon. I can already tell that this is not going to be in any way a serious show. Which, sure, obviously, it's a comedy… probably? The episode wasn't exactly focused on that either though, and the ending indicated she is actually his kid, so we've got that too. Half-assing three things never gets you as far as full-assing one.

Mostly though, I have to wonder why the first half of the episode existed. Presumably to show that they're super duper serious assassins (which they're not), but the car chase was underwhelming and establishing that they live in a sexless marriage where they fight over being sloppy and who owns a cat is not the greatest of hooks. Could've started the episode at the halfway point instead, and had another ten minutes to actually engage with the premise and maybe make clear what the focus of the show is. If it's the action, that was weak and corny in bad ways. If it's the comedy, there was very little of that. If it's just two dudes bickering over the state of the apartment and the multiple feces generating creatures inhabiting it, there was that.


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