Baddy Duddies #03 — Deadbeat Parent Moping Time

January 20th, 2023


Did that conversation sound better in your head, guys?


Another pretty terrible episode from this one, and not in the flavor of crazed terrorist clowns, so I'm pretty ready to throw in the towel here. The whole thing was about who the kid calls daddy, and… that's it. That's the whole thing. No assassinations this week or Mr Magooing around town chasing after the kid. Blondie tracked down her mom, a bitter, abused drunk, while the other dude was just quietly pissy until he had a dream flashback about how he was abused by his father as a kid, leading to a spectacularly godawful conversation with police that basically went: "Are you her guardian/parent?" "No." "Do you know her?" "No." "So, uh…" "I'm her daddy." And then everybody squeed with the absolute delight of family. Or something.

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