Ayakashi Triangle #03 — Stuffing Pussies

January 23rd, 2023


Do people really run like that? No? Then stop doing it.


Ugh, this is likely where we part ways. The episode was apparently to introduce the obligatory rival, who's mad that he's a girl now, and gets so flustered when he accidentally flashes his underwear at him that he runs off. The extended godawful looking Naruto-run sequence set to conversation and flashbacks certainly didn't help matters. That's apparently supposed to be the big joke of the otherwise fairly humorless episode too. Other supposed jokes include "she likes to grope people" and "I'm attaching my name to dango." It's all just so boringly half-assed. This entire episode could've been done in five minutes as the intro to the real story without having to cut any of the jokes or fanservice.


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  • Chipp12 says:

    Not like there’s much left to watch anyway since this one is also getting postponed for covid reasons after the next episode.

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