Ayakashi Triangle #02 — Bathroom Etiquette

January 16th, 2023


You'd think he'd notice before reaching the urinal.

Is it just me, or are raws being particularly slow this season? Chinese subs have always been quickest, but usually raws or simulcasts were up before I finished watching. Not lately though. Well, whatever. I'm sure there's some reason, but I don't care that much to go researching. Also, I did flip through that cheat power reincarnation as a girl thing, and its second episode was just as awful as the first, so that's an easy pass.


For being the most colorful and least dramatic of the three mediocre not-really action shows on Mondays, I'm finding this one the dullest. Far too much of the humor relies on the screaming cat either screaming or making faces, and besides that, there's pretty much just the awkwardly censored T&A. The first half seemed to be introducing her friends, but then they abruptly vanished right out of the episode again without ever serving any point whatsoever. Just literally some random monster spawned out of nowhere and was killed not five seconds later and everybody simply went "Okay, so, moving on." Then the cat stole the scroll for the second half and, again, was immediately caught, but this time, took ten seconds (off screen) because they wanted some naked running, at which point apparently the big emotional moment of the episode was to recap the premise.

There's hardly enough to summarize, let alone comment on. It's certainly not being driven by the comedy nor story, and the T&A is half-assed at best. At least pick one thing and try to do that well, or at least focus on it.


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