Ayakashi Triangle #01 — Oldschool Censoring

January 9th, 2023


I miss when it was a true artform, random claymation and all.


I know it probably hasn't been the case, but it feels like it's been years since I saw this kind of lazy and weird broadcast censoring. Not just the bare breasts, but apparently they wanted to draw erect nipples poking through his ninja suit with the first excessive pudding bounce? Oh, and if you're wondering, of course they made sure to draw large cat testicles on all shots of it from behind. Oh, you silly animators. That aside, no great surprises here either. It's a Jump thing, so of course, the pacing was absolutely garbage, especially through the middle where it kept getting sucked into flashback after flashback to explain and reexplain how ayakashi want to eat her and he wants to chase them away from her. I got it the first time from context alone.  It would've done the characters and story a lot more good to have that come out organically instead of having it explained, re-explained, and then repeated one final time as if they were getting some sick thrill from explaining the premise over and over.

The main thing that stands out here though is the music, which is exceptionally over the top. I wonder if the composer was told they would be working on some kind of epic rock fantasy and just didn't want to redo their work. The animation is nowhere near as ambitious. Maybe slightly better than the cheat power crap, but only a step or two above functional. Which does leave it kind of up in the air as to what kind of show it's even going for. The last minute or so is all yelling and censored bouncing boobs with goofy silly music, but there was close to zero levity in the rest of the episode, and action? Pfft. Definitely doesn't have the effort for that. So are the characters meant to be carrying this? Sure, they had more of an arc than most shows this season, which isn't nothing, but I don't know that it's enough to stick around for either.

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