Atelier Anis #04 — Laundry Day

January 25th, 2023




We can start with the good part of the episode. Somebody finally said "Okay, what does Euphie want?" And that's the end of this episode's positives. Even that has the problem that the person saying it was Euphie herself. Which, yes, Anis responded by saying "You have to figure that out," which was followed by saying that whatever she picked was fine, as long as she stayed with her, and then pinned her down in bed. Not an ideal response to an already problematic relationship! But sure, let's spend fifteen goddamned minutes doing laundry and explaining how perfect she is. Was Euphie even actually sick? Seemed like it was intended to just be her getting flushed because giiiiirls, except after the sixty seventh insistence that it really was a fever, I feel like I'm being gaslit instead. 

Then we come to the supposed plot that consumes a whopping five minutes of the episode, thirty seconds at the start, four and a half at the end. A dragon exists somewhere in the proximal area. No, you can't see it. We're all going to sit around tables and discuss it. Which the jerk prince sees as an opportunity to swing his dick around. So we yet again have an entire episode that's just characters once again reciting the virtuous nature of the titular characters while they don't behave as such, and the jerks reciting how much of a jerk they are. Thrilling. If the dragon schtick does not severely impress next week, this may have bored my last nerve. 

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  • Anonymous says:

    not sure if this or Hyouken no Majutsushi ga Sekai wo Suberu gives me the biggest sense of “GET ONE WITH IT”

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