Spy Room #01 — Espionage Optional

December 26th, 2022


At least the 'room' half of the title is accurate.

Aaah, the nostalgia of when for days after broadcast, the only raw available would be some random Chinese hardsub. This was a pre-air on the 24th. It doesn't start airing until January 5th. 


This is supposedly a show about girls being spies/learning to be spies to fight against the Evil Empire, and yet, the only two things even vaguely approaching anything spy-like are A.) The dude tosses a bunch of locks in his hand and that somehow picks all of them at once, and B.) The girl pops a poison capsule from her boobs. Both of these then go into each person explaining how that makes them serious and skilled about spyness. Too bad the dude always carries leg manacles on him. You know, as spies are known to do. If we're operating with Lupin physics, we probably shouldn't be so goddamned dour and sawing away on the violins the entire time.

These kinds of shows usually start out by showing the characters, or even entire team, in the midst of some flavor of mission to establish their street cred, or at the very least, jump right into some kind of intrigue. For good reason. To not end up with an entire episode as boring and pointless as this one. She tried literally one thing, and then was ready to throw in the towel, but that one attempt was enough to prove her determination and make her leader, apparently. There was no story here whatsoever, let alone character development or drama, and forget animation. Even for Feel, this was nonexistent. What on earth about this episode is meant to convince people to want to watch more? It's the bath scenes, isn't it?

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